When you first join the game, you get a free gladiator, Tiro. Using him or buying a rarer hero, you can earn GHON tokens by playing various game modes with friends or alone.

Become the last survivor to win

10 players entering the Gladiator Arena are struggling to survive. Some time after the start of the match, poison gas appears on the edges of the map. It moves to the center of the map at specified intervals, narrowing the safe zone. If you move inside the poison gas you’ll take damage.

The team with the most points wins

When a gladiator from your team dies during a fight, around him will form a Respawn Zone. If you enter it and stay there for a while, the slain teammate will revive and re-engage. But if you leave before your teammate revives, the timer will not be reset. For each enemy kill you get 1 point.

Additional profit

A variety of game modes is always great, isn’t it? We thought the same, so in addition to the competition there is a mode where the player can immerse himself in land development. This will bring the resources needed to upgrade gladiators as well as lands. Also, it can be sold on the market.

In development

Our team will be releasing new game modes as part of the roadmap, so that each player has a wide choice of gameplay.



Our main goal is to bring together gamers, streamers, creators and crypto holders from around the world in separate eSports discipline through the friendly community building, secure in-game assets and balanced gameplay.


In the future, Gladiators Honor will be an eSports discipline, so the main tasks of our team are systematic updates and bug fixes to ensure a balanced gameplay.


We aim to create a community-friendly ecosystem to bring together gamers, streamers, creators and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.


We will encourage the creativity, and to ensure ownership rights as well as the security of in-game assets we use advanced NFT technology.






Warmaksan Zemmamouche


Warmaksan was born in Northern Africa. Since childhood, he was bigger and stronger than everyone else in the village, however, was unfortunate to be born into a large family. Living in complete poverty, barely making ends meet, he convinced his parents to sell him to feed the family, as a result, he was acquired by Napoli slave owners. His strong physique caught a lot of attention which resulted in him being acquired by one of the local gladiator schools, he was in fact fighting for his life and freedom. During the invasion, Terra offered him to become a gladiator in exchange for the prosperity of his village and the guarantee of his freedom.

Basic Attack
Insidious blow
Earth’s might

“Discover unseen lands”

Lucio is from the noble house of Balboa, which has close ties to the Spanish crown. This allowed him to get into the Royal Guard with ease. When guests from distant countries visited the palace, Lucio wished that one day he could visit their land. After serving several years at the palace, Lucio realized that he wanted something completely different and with these thoughts, he left the palace and started traveling the world. Having traveled half of the world, he returned to the heart of the Empire to start planning another expedition over the seas. These plans were ruined by the cataclysm and he volunteered with the hope of visiting other worlds and subsequently was chosen by Terra.

Basic Attack
The Bell
The Nail
Stone Shards
Tinus Asseconia

“For the family and the Empire”

Tinus from an Ancient lineage grew up on a family farm. He mainly engaged in blacksmithing as other specialties were no longer needed and had been slowly dying off. From an early age, he was taught to survive in the forests, keep livestock, and tend to everything that was needed for the household. Once Tinus became a young adult, he was appointed to the blacksmiths, searching for iron deposits, processing, and forging. After another disagreement with his family, he left the family settlement and became a hermit. Terra was the one who discovered and convinced him to become her warrior in return promising him the gift to feel metal.

Basic Attack
The Iron Grip

“Own master”

Qadir was born big and only kept growing and getting stronger displaying an inhuman strength manifesting in his youth. Most people avoided and feared him. Perhaps this is what ignited in him the admiration for Imperial traditions. He tried hard to get into the Imperial system by becoming the bodyguard of the local senator. During the invasion, despite the senator’s prohibition, he headed to Rome. Upon arrival, the senator confronted Qadir with a desire to punish him for his disobedience, however, Terra chose him as her champion putting an end to the incident with the senator.

Basic Attack
Come here
Emilianus Agelastus


Agelastus admired battles since childhood. However once in the Legion, he became disillusioned. His preference for dueling with a pilum in close combat instead of formations with shields and swords led to constant punishments from his commanders. He was expelled from the Legion and sent to a gladiator school to wash away his shame. Failing to get along with others, Agelastus developed his own style with a modified pilum. Always placing personal skill above strategy and tactics he picked the strongest foes to challenge. He was one of the first to volunteer to fight the invasion. Chosen by Vulcan.

Basic Attack
Dance of fire

“From rags to riches and prestige”

Admetos grew up on the streets of Macedonian cities. He had to survive by committing crimes, which forced him to roam the cities. Natural dexterity and coordination helped the young man survive his early years. Fate brought him together with a former gladiator who, seeing his talent, taught him the way of Dimacheri – two-handed combat. Admetos had no intention of becoming a gladiator, but the invasion changed everything. His desire to change his life with riches and prestige drove him to join the fight and Vulcan chose him.

Basic Attack
Fury of Fire
Kontar Tarek

“Pain and suffering from enemies is the true meaning of life”

Tarek is an Egyptian slave overseer, a true sadist. For the sake of pleasure, he enjoyed inflicting pain for no reason and never held himself back. He crossed the line by punishing the other overseers when they refused to torture slaves for no reason. Tarek was stripped of his status and expelled. Considering it an unfair act, he beat up his former owner to death after torturing him for several days. As a result, he was forced to flee and hide. The invasion gave him a second chance and Vulcan chose him as the bearer of the flame.

Basic Attack
Fire Fan
Atticus Damasippus

“Professional gladiator – Arena is life”

Damasuppus grew up in an old, famous school of gladiators. Fully engulfed with the gladiator’s tradition he chose one of the oldest fighting styles – the way of the Scissor. Over many years he steadily honed his skill and gained experience. More than once he received a wooden sword but always refused to accept it. He could not imagine life outside of the arena and saw the invasion as an entry level to the next level of gladiatorship. Chosen by Vulcan he is endowed with a large particle of the deity.

Basic Attack
Sly Blow
Purifying Fire
Aydin Cubukcu

“Carve out your place in the world with your own hands”

Hunor was named after his people, the Huns. From an early age, he helped on a ranch in the steppes. Excellent rider and horse breeder. His expert lasso handling skills allow him to quickly and accurately lasso both horses and animals when hunting. He never served but learned knife fighting skills from his uncle. Life in the steppe could be challenging and at times it was necessary to fend off enemy attacks. The invasion destroyed the ranch and his house leaving him as the only survivor. Having heard about Gods and out of pure despair he went to Rome. Hunor vowed to stop the invasion and to protect civilians who still have much to lose. Chosen by Neptune.

Basic Attack
Blow to the gut
Hunor Budai

“Even with his eyes closed will lasso anyone”

Hunor was named after his people, the Huns. From an early age, he helped on a ranch in the steppes. Excellent rider and horse breeder. His expert lasso handling skills allow him to quickly and accurately lasso both horses and animals when hunting. He never served but learned knife fighting skills from his uncle. Life in the steppe could be challenging and at times it was necessary to fend off enemy attacks. The invasion destroyed the ranch and his house leaving him as the only survivor. Having heard about Gods and out of pure despair he went to Rome. Hunor vowed to stop the invasion and to protect civilians who still have much to lose. Chosen by Neptune.

Basic Attack
Leona Merula

“For the family and the Empire”

Born on the island of Sicily, Leona was the eldest of seven children. Instead of choosing a standard trade, she trained as a gladiator and took part in the battles at local arenas. In her spare time from fights, she spent quality time at home helping around the household. Liones could not leave her family and embark on the path of a gladiator, however, this changed with the invasion. For the sake of her family, she decided to join the ranks of God’s gladiators. Chosen by Neptune.

Basic Attack
Nikephoros Andino

“Even with his eyes closed will lasso anyone”

After serving his time on the ships of the Greek navy, Nikophoros returned to his native land. With his earned savings, he became a fisherman and built a hut. His admiration for the underwater world had no boundaries. Nikophoros was always a loyal Neptune follower and believed that the deity helps him. Hearing that the God himself had come down to Rome, he immediately went there to seek out Neptune. At an in-person meeting, he immediately joined the ranks of those chosen by Neptune. Rumor has it he is endowed with a much larger particle of the Divine and all of his weapons were gifted to him by Neptune himself.

Basic Attack
Turtle shield
Neptune’s Kiss
Eschylus Maluginensis

“Oh, Fortune!”

Born in the city of Ravenna. His father died fighting for the empire, which changed the young man. Aeschylus spiraled into the world of passion and debauchery. Betting, wine, and girls of easy virtue had become the meaning of his life. Eagle eye and a steady hand helped him to make a living frequently winning bets on target throwing, even when he was in the most obscene state of mind. The invasion seemed like a great chance for Sting to hit the jackpot, which may suggest that at the moment of this decision he was under the influence. Never before in Aeschylus’ life had he been so wrong. Now, there was no way back, as Jupiter had already chosen him.

Basic Attack
Snake Bite
Mote of Lightning
Horacio Dorado

“One does not become a Balkar slinger, one is simply born as one”

Horacio was lucky enough to be born on the island of Mallorca, which became famous for its master slingers. He was raised by traditional standards and received harsh and tough training. To eat, food had to be knocked down from an ever-growing distance. Sometimes he had to go hungry, all for the sake of honor and prestige. Horacio was an active mercenary in the imperial army and was always proud of his family, and his ability to hit the enemy’s head from a distance of 120 meters. The invasion invoked in him a desire to glorify the Balearic slingers, not only for the empire but for the whole world. Chosen by Jupiter.

Basic Attack
Piercing Throw
Precision Throw
Viviana Merula

“The horizon is closer than it appears!”

Born on the island of Sicily, Viviana was the youngest of seven children in her family and she is Leona’s sister. Growing up she loved hearing stories about the Olympic Games. She was mainly helping her family with agriculture but in her spare time, she would run away and secretly practice spear throwing imagining herself participating in the Olympics. Her dream was to throw a spear so far it would reach the horizon. When the invasion started she went to Rome to send off her sister, however, when she saw an opportunity she snuck away to meet Jupiter who ultimately ended up choosing Viviana, he endowed her with a particle and bestowed her with the spears of lightning.

Basic Attack
To the Horizon!
Ornelle Hadawaye

“Apex Predator”

Ornelia is Brittonian by birth and grew up in a family of a recluse, living on the edge of the world – not a single soul for hundreds of miles. Single child, fond of archery, hunting, and acrobatics, she left her native land and returned to civilization. Ornelia hunted animals for food and people for a reward. An excellent tracker and the best of the best among archers. She is completely free, as there were no rules written for her. Jupiter had no hesitation to descend to her first, choosing her as his champion and endowing her with a larger particle. For each killed enemy, Jupiter had promised a generous reward.

Basic Attack
Fan Attack
Aimed Shot



Lootboxes are the way to get an NFT gladiator. The first gladiator box sale will be held only for white list holders, so don’t miss your chances and join our discord!

50 PCS.
250 PCS.
700 PCS.



Become a senator, create your own guild, participate in special events, mine resources and boosters, hold special land battles and receive a percentage of gladiators earnings.

land gladihon
land gladihon
land gladihon



Special land battles Mining
Special events Trade
Tournaments Taxes
Rentals Bets
Upgraides Exchange
Battle Pass GH Boxes
Tournament Pass Trade



Q2 2022


Team Building

Basic game concept

Create Road map

Create Litepaper

Iteration of game design

Q3 2022

Finding Partners

Launching social media, community building

Start of demo creation

Official website

Smart-contract building

Q4 2022

First NFT sale

Ambassador & KOLs program

VCs partnerships

Land NFT sale

Airdrop for NFT holders

NFT Marketplace launch

Intensive marketing

Q1 2023

Public sale

Demo for private users

Building cross-chain

Game development

Second NFT sale

Q2 2023

Game optimization

New mods and campaigns development

Huge marketing program

Game release

Q3 2023


Guilds system



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Concept artitst
Community manager
Community manager
Game designer




Team of 200 professionals

11 international projects

Total audience – more than 50 million

Users from 200 countries

Constant growth


Knows everything about mobile traffic

Able to rapidly grow user base

Develops convenient tracking services

Builds advanced analytics

Constant growth



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